Even the best loudspeaker design needs some help in a difficult room.

FinkTeam understand that we can’t all have totally treated listening rooms with ideal reverberation times and controlled bass.

To help with this there are controls on the rear of Borg allowing some subtle settings of response.

Borg Terminal


Allows a degree of adaptation to suit different amplifier damping factors.

1. Standard setting for transistor amplifiers with good damping factor

2. To be used with amplifiers having lower damping factor, many vintage amplifiers and also in rooms with low frequency problems

3. To be used with tube amplifiers

It is possible to use 1 and 2 for all transistor amplifiers, but 3 should be only used for tube amplifiers.


With the mid position, the position of the virtual stage can be changed from back behind the speakers to closer to the listener. It can also compensate for more or less lively rooms. A very lively room would need a minus setting, a damped room a plus setting. Even though the changes are only around +- 0.5db, they are made over a wide area and so allow good control over this significant band.

Borg Mid Settings


The presence control will mostly be used to adapt to amplifier or source characteristics. A softer amp or cable would need a plus setting, a somewhat brighter setup should have a minus setting. This setting can be also be combined with the mid setting to adjust for room characteristics.

Borg Presence Settings


Changes the tweeter level slightly for general balance adjustments and to compensate for rooms.

Borg High Settings