Updated Borg Finishes

Black Cherry
American Walnut

Black Cherry

American Walnut






We are always striving to bring you the best and we didn’t feel like our existing photographs of the Borg wood finishes represented that.

So we commissioned new ones.

Please view this page for more information.

Borg Finishes

We’re pleased to announce our Standard finishes for our new loudspeaker, the Borg.

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Black Cherry

American Walnut





Behind the Borg

HiFi Critic, the UK’s most prestigious hifi magazine, reports on FinkTeam and the launch of Borg.

Read it here.

Binaural recording of our demo in Munich

We would like to thank Mujtaba of Moiz Audio in Norway for the recording. 

It’s a binaural recording, so best listened to on headphones.

Even with the sound quality issues of Youtube it is possible to hear how good this demo sounded.

For those of you interested in how the recording was achieved It was recorded using T.H.E Audio BS-3D Binaural 3D Recording Sphere into a Nagra 7.

HiFi Pig reviews FinkTeam at the High End Show

Hi-Fi Pig seemed to like what they heard at the launch of Borg.

Read more here.

Lovely review from i-fidelity.net

“Das Fink Team präsentierte mit dem neuen Lautsprecher Borg sicher eines der Messehighlights. Ausführlich erläuterte Karl-Heinz Fink die vielen technischen Detaillösungen, die konstruktiv umgesetzt wurden. Klanglich ist die neue Borg nach unseren Einschätzungen sensationell. ”

Google translated as;

The Fink team certainly presented one of the trade fair highlights with the new Borg loudspeaker. Karl-Heinz Fink explained in detail the many detailed technical solutions, which were implemented constructively. Sonically, the new Borg is sensational according to our estimates.

Read the original article here.

“One of the most entertaining systems”

Image courtesy of http://www.the-ear.net/

“One of the most entertaining systems at High End was fronted by Fink Team’s new Borg loudspeaker (€24,000). This floorstander combines a 10inch paper cone mid/bass that Karl-Heinz Fink (below) and his team have managed to get working up to a 1,600 Hz crossover point with the AMT tweeter. Borg has a lot of adjustments for a passive speaker including: variable damping for amps with different damping factors, ‘mid’ allows you to place the stereo image at a depth that appeals while ‘presence’ can be tweaked to match amp and source character. Borg sounded very good with Audionet power amps, a Phonosophie streamer and Marantz SA-10 used as a DAC.”

Thank you to the-ear.net for that glowing review.

FinkTeam Borg: Best 2-way speaker in the world?

Read Holger Biermann’s comments about the new Borg in LowBeats magazine.

He seems to be smitten.

Introducing the Borg


FinkTeam’s Borg is two-way floor standing design featuring a 10.25 inch high-power mid/bass driver and anAir Motion Transformer (AMT) tweeter.

Borg is a significant design exercise as knitting a 10.25 inch mid/bass, albeit an extremely fine one, with a HF unit is never easy. To combine the two drivers to achieve a flat frequency response and, more importantly, a slow even mid/HF roll off in the power response is a significant feat of engineering. There is no off-axis hole in the middle effect.

Borg is designed as a more domestic friendly loudspeaker than the WM-4. Borg’s low frequency tuning is designed to deliver weight and drama to music but without making it a total diva when it comes to room positioning.

Read more about Borg here.

FinkTeam at Munich MOC – Room Acoustics 2018

This year we worked with Torben Bostelmann of akustik-module.de to improve on last year’s already rather good room.

Targeting a RT60 of 0.4secs, Torben balanced last year’s two dimensional diffusers with his design of one dimensional diffusers, some tuned bass absorbers and some specific absorbers centred at 2kHz.

The results, as you will see from the graph, are exceptional.  We are very pleased.

Borg is sounding fabulous. 

A good room can’t make a poor loudspeaker better but a bad room can stop a good loudspeaker from singing.