Floorstanding speaker FinkTeam Borg – The impossible is possible

“…above all, they provide such a clean and clear sound that they allow a hours-long, completely relaxed music enjoyment. For fine adjustment to the local sound chain and spatiality, it offers an amplifier and sound adaptation, which can also vary the spatial image. That’s how the FinkTeam Borg plays perfectly – as one of the best two-way speakers we’ve heard.”

Another fantastic review of our Borg loudspeaker. Thank you, lite-magazin.

You can download a PDF of the review here.


New Borg Finishes


FinkTeam have just launched three new finishes for their Borg speaker.

[From left to right] White Matt – Steel Grey / Amarra Ebony – Black / Black Cherry – Stone Grey

FinkTeam at High End, Munich

Fink Team €24k Borg HiFi Speakers Thrax Canor Isotek Transrotor @ Munich High End 2019

Thanks to Pursuit Perfect System

FinkTeam at High End, May (9th-12th)

FinkTeam Audio Borg: the new LowBeats reference

The FinkTeam Borg is not only one of the best 2-way speakers in the world market, but – including its high practicality and technical simplicity – one of the best speakers ever. During the listening tests many people have heard us a long time, but the verdict was finally unanimous: For LowBeats the Borg is something like the perfect speaker and becomes a new reference. In the future all others have to be measured by it.”

Read the full review on LowBeats website.

We’ll be updating this post with an English translation of the review.

SIAV High End Hi-Fi Show, Shanghai

Our distributor in China, SinoHiend, is showing Borg this weekend at the SIAV High End Hi-Fi Show in Shanghai, please go and hear them.

They are at Jin Jiang Hotel, Room 2, 3rd Floor of Jin Jiang Tower


High End 2019, Munich

FinkTeam are heading to Munich at the beginning of May (9th-12th) to show our fantastic Borg loudspeaker at the High End Show.

You’ll find us in the Atrium 4.1, Room E117.

Come and say hello!

Experience Borg at Perfect Sense, Stockholm

Join us in Sweden on Sunday the 7th of April, 13:00-17:30.

You have the opportunity to experience FinkTeam’s Borg loudspeakers, together with Norbert and David from FinkTeam, at the showroom of our Swedish distributor, Perfect Sense in Stockholm.

Learn more about the event here.

If you are looking forward to attending please email Perfect Sense; info@perfect-sense.se

FinkTeam Appoints First Distributor in Asia

FinkTeam have appointed our first distributor in Asia – Sinohiend in China.

Sinohiend will also be demonstrating the Borg speakers at the upcoming SIAV HIGH END AUDIO VISUAL SHOW (CHINA), 12th – 14th April 2019, Shanghai, Jin Jiang Hotel, Shanghai.

Brand New Swedish Distributor

Please welcome our brand new distributor in Sweden!

Perfect Sense

Grenvägen 10

16733 Stockholm


Tel: +46 (8) 518 368 00

e-mail: info@perfect-sense.se

Website: https://perfect-sense.se