HiFi Critic Audio Excellence Award

The new edition of HiFiCritic Magazine has just arrived in the post containing an excellent review of KIM by Martin Colloms. It is really worth reading all of the review but a taster is in the Conclusion” … “KIM’s infectious well-timed musicality takes sound reproduction beyond mere process, to achieve a higher level of listener involvement and satisfaction.
It wins the HIFICRITIC Audio Excellence Award, and does so triumphantly.

HIFICRTIC – Front Cover and editorial

HiFi Pig – Outstanding Product

Big thanks to Hi-Fi Pig for this super review of Borg!

“CONCLUSION I like the Borgs a LOT. They get pretty much everything right for me and it’s the fact that they are just so well put together, both in a physical sense construction-wise and also in the way they present music so naturally and so coherently. During the course of a couple of weeks or so living with a loudspeaker you usually are able to find something you don’t like or a niggle here and there, but I’m flummoxed to do this here and would simply be looking for something that isn’t there.

Throw what you like at these speakers and they act with nothing but the utmost coolness and unflappability, even when they are pushed very hard with and difficult material. Everything is there from the tight, textured and controlled bass, through the gorgeous mid-band and up into the wonderfully airy and detailed higher registers.

Add in the fact that the Borgs have a degree for the final user to tweak the sound to a greater or lesser extent and you have a winner.

This could well be the best speaker we have had here for review at Hifi Pig Towers below £30K and if you have the money to spend, they are not cheap, you should seriously consider them, even if the aesthetic of the cabinet isn’t to your taste.”

Please click here to read the full and original review.

Reviewing the Borg

An excellent review of Borg appeared this week in the German magazine Fidelity. Stefan Gawlick concludes his review with;

“No problem remains hidden, every sound engineer would be delighted with these loudspeakers. And at the same time they throw the music in the best two-way manner so unaffectedly into the room that it is difficult to escape its effect. A bit of praise all at once? No, not enough. And I’m starting to save today.”

Stefan, thank you very much.

Read the full review here.

Our first review in Denmark!


Thanks to Danish web magazine www.nerds.dk for a great review of our FinkTeam Borg.

Here’s a few quotes;

“There is no shortage of dynamics in Apocalyptica’s “Worlds Collide”, here a very solid big drum rendition also helps a great deal. It’s nice to hear the dynamics, and also the differentiation in the recordings between each cello, especially considering the massive wall of sound the song offers.”

“The sound is overall tight, homogeneous and not least extremely open. The interaction between the treble module and the bass/midrange unit is close to flawless, the transition completely fluid, and the treble module contributes a great deal of detail and resolution that so much lives up to whatever one throws at.”

“Jan Johansson’s “Visa From Utanmyra” is nothing short of amazing. The small subtle differences in the contours of the double bass are reproduced deeply, correctly and in detail, again with an openness, resolution and detail that is only surpassed by how well-integrated bass and treble module is. If you have played the piano yourself, you will be impressed with exactly every key is played and tonally reproduced, and how easy it is to hear the individual overtones, even if it goes strong once in a while.”

Read all the review here.

You can also download an English Translation of the review here.

FinkTeam Borg Hi-Fi Critic Review

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Doyen of hi-fi writers, and himself an electroacoustics engineer, Martin Colloms, has reviewed FinkTeam Borg this month in the UK’s prestigious independent magazine Hi-Fi Critic.

Martin’s review is an in-depth look at Borg about which he writes much, most important of all, we are pleased to say, he likes them. Here’s just one quote from his review:

“This design is a towering achievement, remarkable resolution in the bass matching that of many other fine loudspeakers in their optimal mid-range. Borg is both shocking and surprising. It has smooth frequency responses, very low distortion and presents an easy load for both amplifiers and cables. Technically accomplished – very low coloration, extended powerful bass, an almost magically sweet treble – it is the sense of musical performance here, the detail, the speed, the dynamics and the highly expressive timing which so greatly satisfies.”

The issue of hi-Fi Choice also includes another view of Borg from journalist and consultant Jon Honeyball as well as the back page guest slot with a piece from our own Karl-Heinz Fink. We’ve put the three of them together here for you to read.

Reviewing the Borg

Today saw the publication of a great review in Germany. This is one of the standout quotes:

“Anyone who embarks on a musical journey with the FinkTeam Borg knowingly runs the risk of never wanting to return. It’s absolutely mesmerising to hear how these speakers fully adapt to each genre.”

Please read the full review here.

Fidelity Borg Review

FinkTeam have received another rave review for our Borg loudspeaker.

You can read the review in German here.

And an English translation of the review can be read here.

HiFi+ Borg Review

In October’s Hifi+ issue you can find a brand new review of our Borg loudspeaker.

“The Borg’s mids and highs are as natural sounding as its bass, while its single driver gives rare coherence from a wide-bandwidth design. It’s powerful on immediacy, which makes everything sound more real and alive but is also excellent when it comes to the tonal depth, which enhances the palpability of the experience. Listening to the Borg is a very high-resolution experience.”

“Fink Team’s Borg is a very revealing loudspeaker but not a ‘warts n all’ critic of partnering equipment; instead, it is a low distortion, high-resolution design that takes a unique approach and comes out smiling.”

Read the review in full, here.

Floorstanding speaker FinkTeam Borg – The impossible is possible

“…above all, they provide such a clean and clear sound that they allow a hours-long, completely relaxed music enjoyment. For fine adjustment to the local sound chain and spatiality, it offers an amplifier and sound adaptation, which can also vary the spatial image. That’s how the FinkTeam Borg plays perfectly – as one of the best two-way speakers we’ve heard.”

Another fantastic review of our Borg loudspeaker. Thank you, lite-magazin.

You can download a PDF of the review here.


FinkTeam at High End, Munich

Fink Team €24k Borg HiFi Speakers Thrax Canor Isotek Transrotor @ Munich High End 2019

Thanks to Pursuit Perfect System