Reviewing the Borg

Today saw the publication of a great review in Germany. This is one of the standout quotes:

“Anyone who embarks on a musical journey with the FinkTeam Borg knowingly runs the risk of never wanting to return. It’s absolutely mesmerising to hear how these speakers fully adapt to each genre.”

Please read the full review here.

Fidelity Borg Review

FinkTeam have received another rave review for our Borg loudspeaker.

You can read the review in German here.

And an English translation of the review can be read here.

HiFi+ Borg Review

In October’s Hifi+ issue you can find a brand new review of our Borg loudspeaker.

“The Borg’s mids and highs are as natural sounding as its bass, while its single driver gives rare coherence from a wide-bandwidth design. It’s powerful on immediacy, which makes everything sound more real and alive but is also excellent when it comes to the tonal depth, which enhances the palpability of the experience. Listening to the Borg is a very high-resolution experience.”

“Fink Team’s Borg is a very revealing loudspeaker but not a ‘warts n all’ critic of partnering equipment; instead, it is a low distortion, high-resolution design that takes a unique approach and comes out smiling.”

Read the review in full, here.

Floorstanding speaker FinkTeam Borg – The impossible is possible

“…above all, they provide such a clean and clear sound that they allow a hours-long, completely relaxed music enjoyment. For fine adjustment to the local sound chain and spatiality, it offers an amplifier and sound adaptation, which can also vary the spatial image. That’s how the FinkTeam Borg plays perfectly – as one of the best two-way speakers we’ve heard.”

Another fantastic review of our Borg loudspeaker. Thank you, lite-magazin.

You can download a PDF of the review here.


FinkTeam at High End, Munich

Fink Team €24k Borg HiFi Speakers Thrax Canor Isotek Transrotor @ Munich High End 2019

Thanks to Pursuit Perfect System

FinkTeam Audio Borg: the new LowBeats reference

The FinkTeam Borg is not only one of the best 2-way speakers in the world market, but – including its high practicality and technical simplicity – one of the best speakers ever. During the listening tests many people have heard us a long time, but the verdict was finally unanimous: For LowBeats the Borg is something like the perfect speaker and becomes a new reference. In the future all others have to be measured by it.”

Read the full review on LowBeats website.

We’ll be updating this post with an English translation of the review.

UPDATED: Borg Review in High Fidelity

The most recent issue of High Fidelity (no. 179) includes a fantastic review of our Borg loudspeakers.

You can read the review in Polish by following this link; High Fidelity Borg Review.

A translated, English version will be available next month.


An English version of the review is now available online on the High Fidelity website.

English High Fidelity Borg Review

Hifi & Records Borg Review

Issue 4/2018 of Hifi and Records contains an excellent article and review of our Borg loudspeaker.

Click here to download a PDF of the article in German.

Click here to download a PDF of the article in English.

Stefan Brochowski Listens to the Borg

Stefan Brochowski, one of the editors of the blog, was at the booth of IDC Klaassen during the Süddeutsche HiFi-Tage and after an extensive conversation with FinkTeam mastermind Karl-Heinz Fink had the opportunity to listen to the floor loudspeaker Borg.

You can read the original article in German on the blog, or continue reading the unedited Google Translate version here.

Rarely have we read such an emotional description of sound impressions ….

“As soon as the first notes came in and reached my perception, I felt a hovering and tingling sensation within me that was not only tangible in all areas of sound description such as timing, space dimensions, free play, tonal correctness, bass control and all these analytical descriptions. Yes, the speaker Finkteam Borg can do that perfectly. For me anyway. No, it’s not the typical analytical descriptions in everyday high-end language, it’s this spell that brings the emotion of music to life. Take one on the journey of music and make one dream. Beautiful timbres that hit my heart to the last. Fine dynamic beauty inspires me to stay.

Peter Gabriel’s album ‘So’ with the track ‘Mercy Street’ – I’ve been putting the CD on the shelf in my collection for years – brought tears to my eyes. I will enjoy the CD again with pleasure and with a glass of Primitivo. As a gourmet, a beautiful mountain cheese can perfectly emphasize the experience of emotion. Gorgeous and moving. This rather spherical song creates goose bumps through synthetic, delicate sounds and percussive baubles. So he carried me through the room with all facets of the longing for happiness, let me immerse myself in the song. Soft, until the last stanza he finds here one of his highlights of beautiful musical sounds. ‘Mercy Street’ turns into an experience and awakens to music.

The composition of the Italian pianist Luduvico Enaudi with the CD ‘Elements’ brought me a very special experience of the deepest emotions. I had them consciously. At ‘Four Dimensions / YS’ it was completely done to me. The timbres and the representation of a wing in front of me let me immerse myself in the world of emotions. The wing came so real that you could see Ludovico sitting there. Tonal to the point, played here a real, big wings and spread in all its beauty freely in the room. Safe and secure, bedded in music.

As a sparrow, I would now shake my feathers to show the world: goose skin and then in love with music to start my flight to the sky and tell the butterflies, Hi ‘. It is currently my favorite composition and this combination makes my heart beat faster in the truest sense of the word. Now it was right for me. Heart hopping? YES!

A beautiful combination that inspired me. My felt and clearly visible goosebumps will continue to be carried throughout my life.

From my point of view also optically a highlight and eyecatcher, so that the visual experience world also experiences a design-related emotion. The workmanship is perfect. Different variants are possible. Adapted to other homelocations. There is a magic in this combination.

I’ll say that the artistic soul of Karl Heinz Fink and his team and his love of music and technology, as well as the intensive research and the immense time commitment has more than paid off. The Audionet electronics harmonize here more than ingeniously. Although it means a high investment, it more than lives up to the price. Likewise, the IsoTek Titan One as well as the IsoTek Genessis One contributed to this outstanding presentation.

My absolute highlight of the South German HiFi Days 2018 in Stuttgart. If you are looking for the soul of music, you should take a seat in front of the Finkteam Borg. In a sea of musical experience, which finds its way deep into the soul at home, in an infinity loop, I take a seat. “

Behind the Borg

HiFi Critic, the UK’s most prestigious hifi magazine, reports on FinkTeam and the launch of Borg.

Read it here.