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“Das Fink Team präsentierte mit dem neuen Lautsprecher Borg sicher eines der Messehighlights. Ausführlich erläuterte Karl-Heinz Fink die vielen technischen Detaillösungen, die konstruktiv umgesetzt wurden. Klanglich ist die neue Borg nach unseren Einschätzungen sensationell. ”

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The Fink team certainly presented one of the trade fair highlights with the new Borg loudspeaker. Karl-Heinz Fink explained in detail the many detailed technical solutions, which were implemented constructively. Sonically, the new Borg is sensational according to our estimates.

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"One of the most entertaining systems"

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“One of the most entertaining systems at High End was fronted by Fink Team’s new Borg loudspeaker (€24,000). This floorstander combines a 10inch paper cone mid/bass that Karl-Heinz Fink (below) and his team have managed to get working up to a 1,600 Hz crossover point with the AMT tweeter. Borg has a lot of adjustments for a passive speaker including: variable damping for amps with different damping factors, ‘mid’ allows you to place the stereo image at a depth that appeals while ‘presence’ can be tweaked to match amp and source character. Borg sounded very good with Audionet power amps, a Phonosophie streamer and Marantz SA-10 used as a DAC.”

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FinkTeam Borg: Best 2-way speaker in the world?

Read Holger Biermann’s comments about the new Borg in LowBeats magazine.

He seems to be smitten.

Meet Your Maker – Karl-Heinz Fink

We are pleased to make the latest feature on FinkTeam and Karl-Heinz Fink.

This one is from Hi-Fi Plus magazine. Alan Sircom says some wonderful things about the WM-4 as well.

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