WM-4 Tweeter


The tweeter is an Air Motion Transformer (AMT) operating according to the principles established by its inventor Oskar Heil. Developed by Mundorf together with FinkTeam and manufactured specifically for FinkTeam by Mundorf, the AMT has a strong, 25μm-thick pleated Kapton diaphragm with 50μm aluminium strips. This material has extremely good internal damping, resulting in particularly low distortion. A special etching process was developed to produce it and the diaphragm configuration optimized through a large number of tests.

Since the diaphragm dimensions are comparable to those of a 25mm dome tweeter, dispersion is also similar. Frequency response reaches up to 30kHz while distortion is very low and mainly second harmonic. The AMT’s almost constant impedance also facilitates simplified crossover design.